Moto Ride Days

Moto Ride Days


To book into a specific date please contact Champions Ride Days directly on 07 3287 4144 or visit their website.

A ride day is the perfect opportunity to take your bike to the track to ride at your own pace in a safe and controlled environment. Ride Days are not race or practice days, they are leisure days. With graded groups and plenty of safety measures this kind of event is the best way to test the limits of your bike without speed cameras, trucks, cars or pedestrians.

Champion's Ride Days prides itself on providing safe, fun and professional ride days for ALL riders. We want you to challenge your riding skills in a supportive learning environment that's also fun! Just turn in your mirrors, grab a set of leathers and you're ready to go!

To ensure you get the best out of your day, it is important to grade the sessions to maximize your time on the track. All ride days are graded into 3 categories:

  • Advanced Group: Experienced racers
  • Intermediate Group: Intermediate Slow & Fast
  • Beginner Group: No undertaking, only overtaking

You can only ride in the group you are graded into, however the groups are flexible. So as you become more confident and competent throughout the day, or as you get wearier, you can move up or down a group. See the girls at the Sign On desk to change groups.


If you need new tyres, you can take advantage of our tyre changing facility. Purchasing new tyres and have them changed on the spot couldn't be easier. Staff are happy to have a friendly chat and offer advice.


There will be refreshments available all day including Tea, Coffee, Milo, Water and biscuits.

Riding Experience

The best part of attending a ride day is sharing experiences. Queensland Raceways Ride Days is run by people who enjoy riding. Most have raced in the Australian Road Racing Championships. They can offer advice and tips to make you're riding even better!

Tips for the day

  • Come with a full tank of fuel
  • Keep your fluids up, avoid dehydration as that can make you tired and lose your judgement on the track
  • Get a feel for the track first
  • Let your tyres warm up for a few laps before really pushing your bike
  • Ask questions of others who are familiar with the track


Can friends and family come to Queensland Raceways Ride Days?

Friends and family are welcome to watch you on your ride day. It is free to enter the track for spectators. They can take photos of you on the day too.

Should I bring ear protection?

Due to the nature of our venue, visitors can expect to experience a certain level of noise from the vehicles taking part. Reduced noise earbuds are available for all visitors, especially children, to get closer to the action without feeling uncomfortable.

Are pets allowed at the tracks? 

No dogs are permitted, nor should they be left in your car or in the campsite. Only guide dogs and assistance dogs for the disabled are allowed on site. 

Are there any medical facilities? 

We have a dedicated Medical Room at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park. Staff are qualified first aiders and we always have qualified doctors and medical staff during events.

Can I bring my own food to Queensland Raceways?

Whilst we do have on site cafes at Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceway, you are welcome to bring food and beverages to either of our venues. Our facilities are perfect for a picnic whilst soaking up the entertainment on track.

What do I need to wear?

Long sleeved shirt, trousers, enclosed shoes and a AS1698 Aust. Standards helmet is the minimum apparel required. There are some exceptions to this mainly for the drift events and cruising where they need only wear t-shirt, shorts, enclosed shoes and a AS1698 Aust. Standards helmet.

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