Lakeside Classic

Lakeside Classic

The Lakeside Classic is the one race event you don't want to miss this year!

Lakeside Classic is the biggest historic racing event in Queensland, taking place on the 12th/13th of August.

The event will boast a relaxed 'access all areas' atmosphere allowing families and enthusiasts a rare chance to see some of the world's most exciting cars up close and personal. Walk through pit lane and strike up a conversation with the drivers and crew or grab yourself a photo next to one of your favourite cars. 2017 will also see the return of Group C & A to Lakeside, so it's bound to be an awesome weekend!


For more information call - 1800 RACEWAYS or email

Categories featured in this weekend are:

Group C & A
Trans Ams
Group N

Race through the ages at the Lakeside Classic!

Tander/Whincup GRM Commodore V8 Supercar- VS Team Brock Torana VS Big Banger Commodore VS Shell Ford Sierra!

At lunch on Saturday (12/08) and Sunday (13/08), these cars will be put head to head around the historic Lakeside circuit and we’ll get some solid answers as to which era produced the best race cars!


WIN 1 of 4 Passenger Rides at the Lakeside Classic

Like and comment on the Facebook post to go into the draw! You can also share the post if you wish. 

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Winners will receive -  passenger ride in one of the demonstrations cars for 4 laps around Lakeside Park as well as entry for themselves and a friend for the weekend!

Get the best and fastest seat at the Lakeside Classic and be right in the heart of the action - just a few clicks and you’re in the draw to win this awesome opportunity!

Entries close Sunday 6th of August at Midnight. Winners will be drawn and notified Monday 7th of August!


FREE Cruise sessions at the Lakeside Classic for 80's and 90's Touring Cars and Toranas!

Attention Torana owners and 80’s and 90’s touring car owners!

Saturday (12th) in celebration of Heritage Touring Cars Group C and A back at Lakeside if you have an 80’s or 90’s touring car such as a Commodore, Falcon or Skyline, you can get a FREE cruise session! So this is any model that competed in the Australian Touring Car Championship in the 80’s and 90’s.

On Sunday (13th) for 50 years of Torana, Torana owners can also get out on track for a cruise session for FREE!

So Saturday is 80’s and 90’s touring cars and Sunday is exclusively Toranas!

Just pay your regular entry fee at the gate, listen out for the PA at lunch time and line up at the track entry across from the museum. Officials will provide all instructions, so make sure you pay attention!


Competitor Information

License requirements

  • A Queensland Raceways RACERS National license is required - $60 for a single event or $250 annually
  • A current CAMS NC, PC or CC license is accepted as well but a Queensland Raceways RACERS Clubman license would also be required - $20 for single event or $65 annually


Should I bring ear protection?

Due to the nature of our venue, visitors can expect to experience a certain level of noise from the vehicles taking part. Reduced noise earbuds are available for all visitors, especially children, to get closer to the action without feeling uncomfortable.

Are pets allowed at the tracks? 

No dogs are permitted, nor should they be left in your car or in the campsite. Only guide dogs and assistance dogs for the disabled are allowed on site. 

Are there any medical facilities? 

We have a dedicated Medical Room at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park. Staff are qualified first aiders and we always have qualified doctors and medical staff during events.

Can I bring my own food to Queensland Raceways?

Whilst we do have on site cafes at Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceway, you are welcome to bring food and beverages to either of our venues. Our facilities are perfect for a picnic whilst soaking up the entertainment on track.

What do I need to wear?

Long sleeved shirt, trousers, enclosed shoes and a AS1698 Aust. Standards helmet is the minimum apparel required. There are some exceptions to this mainly for the drift events and cruising where they need only wear t-shirt, shorts, enclosed shoes and a AS1698 Aust. Standards helmet.

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