Shannons Nationals

Shannons Nationals

The highly successful Australian Production Car Series’ ‘Fight in the Night’ race returns to the next Shannons Nationals event at Queensland Raceway. 

The series has run this format for the last three years, however 2012 was the first year it was introduced into production car racing. 
Night racing has made a big comeback to the Australian circuit racing scene this year and Category Manager Iain Sherrin said it’s a spectacle everyone thoroughly enjoys. 
“When it was introduced back in 2012, Sherrin Racing was taking part and we were very excited to see the new event come into being – it was a welcome addition to the calendar and was well received by the competitor base of the time,” Sherrin said. 
“Since then, its popularity has grown. 
“As a driver, I like the challenge of racing in the dark—racing under lights adds another aspect to the track. It’s harder to see your braking markers and the apexes… it is a whole different ball-game to racing during the day.
“Night racing really just adds another element to an already exciting story—that has certainly been proven time and time again with the ‘Fight in the Night’—so I am not surprised to see that this kind of racing is making a comeback.”

Sherrin added that the effort competitors bring to the event makes it a really special moment on their racing schedule. 
“As a category manager, I love the spectacle that it adds to our calendar,” Sherrin said. 
“For anyone watching our series or even motor racing in Australia overall, this is something different that doesn’t get done every other weekend. 
“A lot of our racers go to the extra lengths of specially lighting up their cars, which really looks great. Especially when combined with the glowing brakes as they thunder towards some of the hardest braking corners in the country at Queensland Raceway.” 
The series expects a strong grid for the race in July, with entries to be announced closer to the event. 
“300-kilometres at night followed by another big 300-kilometres the very next day is a lot of racing, a lot of show and a lot of stories… it should be a great weekend for everyone on-and-off the track.
“The ‘Fight in the Night’ always throws up an unique race and a cool story, I can’t wait to see what this year’s instalment has in store.”
The Australian Production Car Series will feature at the next Shannons Nationals round at Ipswich, racing on 2-4th August 2019

CAMS National Racing Championships Round 4 Categories -
Australian Production Car Series
Porsche Michelin GT3 Cup Challenge Australia
Australian Prototype Series
Sports Sedan Series
Series X3 QLD Racing Series

Tickets are available at the gate from just $20.00 on Saturday, $30.00 on Sunday or $40.00 for the full weekend. Check out for the full program, entry lists and all the news and views in the lead up to the event.. in the meantime, we'll see you at QR!

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