Indianapples 500

Indianapples 500


The Indianapples 500 is an entry level endurance race designed for teams to be able to enter at an affordable price point for both track time and expected vehicle costs. As such, it is designed to be a fun race for cheap vehicles.

The event has 2 rounds and each round is comprised of two separate races at Queensland Raceway on two different circuits (Clubman Circuit followed by National Circuit) of approximately six hours each in which the race finishes at the end of the time as stated below:

08:30 - Gates Open

10:00 - Sign-on commences

11:45 - Cars can enter the track (Clubman)

12:00 - Timing commences for race 1. (Timing commences randomly around this time)

17:45 - Timing stops – National Circuit swap commences.

18:00 - Car can enter track (National)

18:15 - Timing commences

00:00 - Timing stops

00:30 - Trophies Presentation


Cost of entry is $1600 for a team, which equates to $400 per driver. 

This fee includes a pitlane carport and fuel storage, as well as camping for overnight if required. Spectators are able to camp for free.

Pit bays are not available to access prior to 11:00am if there is an event on prior at the track.


Classes are split up into A, B, C & D. Classes are determined by average times achieved on both the National and Clubman Circuits.


National Circuit Time (Seconds)

Clubman Circuit Time (Seconds)





>90 <96

>60 <66


>96 <102



>102 +


Drivers Requirements

Teams that enter into Indianapples must comprise of at least 4 drivers.

Drivers must hold a RACERS National Licence and be 14 years or older or a RACERS Clubman Licence with a CAMS Clubman, National or International Circuit licence. (Level 2 or Level 2s are not accepted). 

During the event, each driver may only be on track for a maximum of 90 minutes in one session, and a maximum of 120 minutes for the entirety of the 6 hour session. 

Raceceiver radios will be required to be worn by drivers when on track for communication with Race Control, and are available for purchase at the circuit office.

During Sign-on, drivers will be required to show their photo ID as well as produce their RACERS licence to administration staff. 

Any drivers under the age of 18 will need a parent or legal guardian to sign them in, and will need to produce their photo ID, along with a medicare card with the parent/guardians name as well as the minor's name on it.

Endurance Transponders are used for timing for this event. A deposit of $120 will be required to rent the timer for the day.

Note: Regular Westhold timers will not work for this event, as they will not stay activated for as long as the endurance timers.

Vehicle Requirements

Vehicles entered in this event must be up to the standard of RACERS Level 3 Racing requirements, which is outlined in the RACERS Info Pack and Vehicle Requirements Info Sheet which is attached below.

Tyres can be regular radials or semi-slicks, but have to be road legal.

Information Sheets

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