Open Car Days

Open Car Days


Open Car Days, or OCDs for short, is a new event that is designed for open top and/or open wheeled vehicles. 

This event allows open wheeled vehicles such as Clubmans and Formula Fords to participate, but also includes convertible cars such as Mazda MX5s, Honda S2000, or any other type of car that can put the roof down.

This event is also the first of its kind for another reason - it is a "flexible" event. Entrants have the power to choose what type of activity they would like to do for the day. There are 3 choices of track activity - Race, Sprint or Regularity.

The way you decide which activity is chosen on the day, is by entering your preferred category at, and the one with the most entries will be the type of event chosen. 

If on the day the track activity that is voted on is not one you wish to participate in, please see office staff to organise a credit or refund for your entry.

What You Will Need


For the Regularity and Sprint options, a RACERS Clubman Licence is all you will need - $20 for a single event or $65 annually. 

For the Race option, you will need to have relevant racing experience and licencing.

A RACERS National Licence will cover you for racing - $60 for a single event or $250 annually.

If you don't have a RACERS National Licence, a current CAMS NC, PC or CC license is accepted as well but a Queensland Raceways RACERS Clubman license would also be required - $20 for single event or $65 annually

Vehicle Requirements

Vehicles must be up to the standard that is listed in the RACERS Info Pack. The selected OCD option (Sprint, Regularity or Race) will correspond with the Vehicle Requirements listed in the document below:

Vehicle And Apparel Requirements Queensland Raceways