QR Sports & Sedans

QR Sports & Sedans

What is QR Sports & Sedans?

QR Sports & Sedans (QRSS for short), is a "run what you brung" racing category that races at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park.

The category is designed to allow competitors to enter any car they would like, making it a very accessible category over other more regulated racing categories.

Within the category are several classes that means that competitors have a chance to win no matter what kind of car they enter.

QRSS is a great way to bridge from our Sprint series into door to door racing and is currently home to some fantastic drivers with a wealth of knowledge. The ability to run any vehicle leads to some exciting and enthralling racing for spectators and drivers alike!

What is Licencing is Required?

To enter into QRSS you will require a National Racing Licence. This can be either a RACERS National Licence, or a current CAMS NC, PC or CC license is accepted as well but a Queensland Raceways RACERS Clubman license would also be required.

The RACERS National Licence can be obtained by being observed by an event manager at a sprint or general practice. This allows the manager to assess driving technique including cornering, overtaking and knowledge of track rules. Prior to the observation, you need to have completed a minimum of 2 sprints or general practices before being observed.

Following the observation, there is a short multiple-choice test that needs to be completed covering the rules for racing at QR or Lakeside & race-related content.

For additional information head to https://racers.world

What will my car need?

If you are converting your car from a street car to a full door-to-door race car, it does involve quite a bit of an upgrade when it comes to safety requirements. 

This generally includes full roll cages, bucket seats, fire extinguishers, race suits, Hans devices and more. To see the entire checklist of requirements for you and your car, check out the RACERS Info Pack under the Vehicle and Apparel Requirements.

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