Racing Tyres

Racing Tyres

Dunlop Motorsport Tyres

Queensland Raceways are a distributor of Dunlop Motorsport Tyres . Combining a number of sophisticated tyre technologies, Dunlop's Touch Technology and our experienced professionals allows you to get the most out of your driving experience.

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Rally Tarmac
Tarmac Rally

The latest evolution in Dunlop's superb lineup of Tarmac Rally tyres has a symetrical, directional tread pattern with excellent drainage capability. New casing and profile designs lift dry performance over previous designs with improved 'even wear' characteristics. Made in sizes to suit rim diameters from 13ins to 18ins, including newly available 295/30R18 to suit Porsche and other GT cars.

Rally Circuit
Slick Racing

Dunlop slick racing tyres are offered in a wide range of sizes and several compound options,specifically tailored to the applications to which they are intended . Professional advice should be sought from Queensland Raceways regarding particular individual needs.

Rally Gravel 1
All-round performance

Ultimate all-round performance for the serious competitor. Very high levels of dry and wet grip. Several compound options available to suit various applications and weather conditions. Advice should be sought from Queensland Raceways for particular applications and compound availability. Range covers popular sizes in 15" and 16" rim diameters.

Federal Competition Tyres

Queensland Raceways are proud to be affiliated with Federal Tyres. Following the success of Federal supporting drivers and teams in drifting competitions across the globe, federal Corporation Taiwan entered further into the world motorsport market of competition tyres.

Federal Competition Tyres are only available at Lakeside Park.

Fz 101
Slick Racing

FZ-101 is Federal's all new, exclusive, racing profile, slick tire. Using the latest material and compound they have a wide contact area. Sidewalls are reinforced with steel fillers. The FZ-101 is engineered for nothing but performance, speed, and exceptional cornering. Exclusively produce in limited numbers for professional use only.

Gravel G 10
Sport Gravel

Federally Gravel G-10 is the best sport tyre to run on dry and damp gravel surface. The asymmetric tread design and its rigid, close-set lugs ensure the maximum performance during acceleration and braking with sure-footed handling capability in a wide assortment of extreme conditions.Engineered to complement the performance for off road rallying.


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How do I care for my competition tyres?

Tyres are best stored in a cool, dark and dry environment away from direct sunlight, high temperatures or high voltage machinery. The life and performance of competition tyres will be improved if they are 'scrubbed in' before being run at racing speed.

Where can I get my tyres fitted?

Tyres can be professionally fitted at both Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park. We recommend using our fitting machine. Rims should be carefully latchecked for cracks, rust or any damage which may prevent an airtight fitment.

What tyre pressure should I use?

The correct pressure varies according to driver, car and track conditions; it is often a matter of personal preference, but sufficient pressure must always be used to avoid structural damage to the tyre.

What is Heat Cycling?

All competition tyres benefit from heat cycling. Heat cycled tyres show more consistent performance, prolonged life and reduced wear. Heat cycling the tyres consists of one or two cycles of running the tyres under load without sliding or unduly stressing the tyres. At Queensland Raceways the following is a suggested Heat Cycling Procedure. Each cycle should consist of the following steps:

  1. Mount the tyres set the tyre pressures at the recommended cold tyre pressure
  2. Run 4-5 laps of the circuit at approximately 50% of normal race speed and
  3. Reset tyre pressures to the recommended hot tyre pressure
  4. Run several consistent laps over a period of 10-15 minutes commencing at approximately 50% of race speed and gradually building to 80% of race speed.
  5. Do not over stress tyres and avoid driving over kerbs, ripple strips or any other undulations on the track.
  6. Remove tyres from the car or raise the car or axle stands and allow the tyres to cool naturally to the ambient air temperature.
  7. Maximum conditioning occurs when the tyres are cooled unloaded and after a period of 24 to 48 hours.

What type of tyres do I need?

A large selection of tyres is available to suit all types of motorsport competition. BEFORE selecting your wheels, establish the best tyres for your car or area of sport. Widest and softest is not always the most suitable. Discuss the best option with one of our staff on 1800 RACERS or email us at