Queensland really is the place drifting calls home- with over 30 events throughout the year. Drifting is only permitted at Queensland Raceway due to Lakeside's noise restrictions. Friday Night drifts are a great way to get out on track or hit the wet skid pan in a fun environment. Morning sessions are capped to have less drivers and more track time, it also sets a laid back atmosphere and always shows a lot of talent. For major on track drift action, Spring and Autumn Matsuri are a must to attend with 250 drivers, drifting is non-stop over the two day event.

Drifting events:

- Friday Night Drift

- Drift Matsuri

- Morning Sessions

- Japanese Nationals

Upcoming Drift Events

  • Morning Session XMAS Bash - Queensland Raceway - Dec 9 drifting

    Morning Session XMAS Bash

    Queensland Raceway