Spring Drift Matsuri

Spring Drift Matsuri

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The Queensland Raceway Spring Matsuri is scheduled to be on the 7-8th October 2017. 

The Queensland Raceway Drift Matsuri's are the biggest drifting events held in Australia, filling two full days with non-stop drifting action. Starting on track from 8am on Saturday morning and running through to 10pm, then back into it from 8am Sunday morning with it all coming to a close at 4pm on Sunday.

With 250 entries and 4 drifting circuits to choose from you can't run out of new things and new people to see.

On Friday 6th October 2017 entry is allowed from 4pm. There will be the opportunity to sign in on Friday afternoon and have your briefing.

  • Sign in will begin from 4pm.
  • Briefings will commence from 5.45pm. Miss these briefings and you will have to do one on Saturday morning.
  • Scrutineering will be available on Friday afternoon so we can get a head start.
  • Shed keys will be available from 4pm through 6pm. Enter after this time and you will have to wait till Saturday morning to get shed access.
  • Pit bays will not be available till Saturday morning.
  • There will be a security guards on duty the entire event. 
  • Gates will close for entry at 10.00pm on Friday night and 11.00pm Saturday night.

Sign on will commence from 7am on Saturday 7th October. Everyone will need to attend a briefing before being allowed on the circuit. You will also be required to go through scrutineering before being allowed on the circuit.


What we will be looking for during scrutineering:

  • Seat belts
  • Seats secure
  • Door cards/panels present
  • Dash of some description present
  • All body panels
  • Working head lights, tail lights and hazards (if no headlights, then no night driving)
  • No major oil leaks
  • No scraping parts
  • No exhausts out through the bonnet unless clearly marked
  • Battery attached securely
  • Taped battery terminals
  • Fuel systems will be checked to ensure safety


  • Helmet
  • Closed in shoes
  • No singlets but t-shirts and shorts will be ok.

We would like to see cars having a fire extinguisher, its not a requirement but it will save your car in a bad situation.

See you all here for an excellent weekend!


Should I bring ear protection?

Due to the nature of our venue, visitors can expect to experience a certain level of noise from the vehicles taking part. Reduced noise earbuds are available for all visitors, especially children, to get closer to the action without feeling uncomfortable.

Are pets allowed at the tracks? 

No dogs are permitted, nor should they be left in your car or in the campsite. Only guide dogs and assistance dogs for the disabled are allowed on site. 

Are there any medical facilities? 

We have a dedicated Medical Room at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park. Staff are qualified first aiders and we always have qualified doctors and medical staff during events.

Can I bring my own food to Queensland Raceways?

Whilst we do have on site cafes at Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceway, you are welcome to bring food and beverages to either of our venues. Our facilities are perfect for a picnic whilst soaking up the entertainment on track.

What do I need to wear?

Long sleeved shirt, trousers, enclosed shoes and a AS1698 Aust. Standards helmet is the minimum apparel required. There are some exceptions to this mainly for the drift events and cruising where they need only wear t-shirt, shorts, enclosed shoes and a AS1698 Aust. Standards helmet.

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