Lakeside Off Street Drags

Lakeside Off Street Drags

Off Street Drags is a growing event located at Lakeside Park, Kurwongbah- North Brisbane. The concept is based on taking street racing off the streets into a fun, friendly and safe environment. Race head to head, old school eliminator style, while making your way down the main straight in your road registered car.

The drag strip is 1/8th mile (200 metres) in length and is run in a clockwise direction heading towards the kink. 

Licence & Clothing Requirements

For this event a Racers Clubman licence is required for all drivers. This can be purchased online before submitting an online entry.

  • Annual Clubman Licence $65
  • Single Event Clubman Licence $20

Long sleeve clothing, AUS/NZ safety standards helmet and enclosed shoes are required by all passengers and drivers. 

Rules and Regulations

  • All cars must be road registered and street legal (For example no NOS, slicks or trailered cars)
  • You must have a current drivers licence and be over 18 years old
  • A 10km per hour pit lane speed limit must be observed
  • A maximum of 60km per hour speed limit must also be observed on return to the start line
  • No crossing of centre line
  • Zero blood alchol
  • The Racers Code of Conduct applies to all entrants

The Road Trip

The Road Trip is designed for mates, friends and family to enjoy a great weekend away tripping around whilst putting down some fast passes on the drag strip, Road registered cars ONLY.

- Maximum 80 entrants, 1 car = 1 class.
- Online entries ONLY.
- 3 tracks, Willowbank, Warwick and Lakeside.
- 8 classes with BIG $$ in prize money up for grabs.
- All 3 tracks will be 1/8th mile passes.
- DYO Ladies Class E.
- NO trailoring of competitor cars, if its on a trailer its out.
- The changing of tyres from the road to the track IS permitted.
- Each competitor must drive their car between all 3 tracks.


Should I bring ear protection?

Due to the nature of our venue, visitors can expect to experience a certain level of noise from the vehicles taking part. Reduced noise earbuds are available for all visitors, especially children, to get closer to the action without feeling uncomfortable.

Are pets allowed at the tracks? 

No dogs are permitted, nor should they be left in your car or in the campsite. Only guide dogs and assistance dogs for the disabled are allowed on site. 

Are there any medical facilities? 

We have a dedicated Medical Room at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park. Staff are qualified first aiders and we always have qualified doctors and medical staff during events.

Can I bring my own food to Queensland Raceways?

Whilst we do have on site cafes at Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceway, you are welcome to bring food and beverages to either of our venues. Our facilities are perfect for a picnic whilst soaking up the entertainment on track.

What do I need to wear?

Long sleeved shirt, trousers, enclosed shoes and a AS1698 Aust. Standards helmet is the minimum apparel required. There are some exceptions to this mainly for the drift events and cruising where they need only wear t-shirt, shorts, enclosed shoes and a AS1698 Aust. Standards helmet.

For Motorcycle events - 

All riding gear must be in good condition with no obvious faults or structural damage.
FULL LEATHERS ARE REQUIRED – It can be either a one-piece or two-piece that zips up all the way around.
Gloves must be leather motorcycle gloves and cover your wrists.
Footwear must be motorcycle leather boots & cover at least your ankles.
Helmets must be either Australian, Snell or ECE standard and display the relevant standards sticker. Your helmet must be full-faced the with no cracks or damage to the integrity of it.

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