Happy Laps

Happy Laps

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Lakeside Park and Queensland Raceway offers social groups, clubs and corporate groups the opportunity to spend a leisurely morning or midday at the track, by participating in Happy Laps, which includes either breakfast or lunch. Cruise laps is a great way to introduce yourself to our award winning circuit, in a safe environment. Queensland Raceways runs on the Sprint circuit for Happy lap sessions. 

Rules & Regulations


Happy Laps are for family cruising not performance driving. 

  • Any car-to-car contact is an instant stop for the session
  • Any car going off the track is an instant stop for the session
  • >1 sec of tyre smoke is an instant stop for the session
  • Speed obviously in excess of 120kph is an instant stop for the session; this is more than fair as there are over 100 events that hot drivers can use if they want to go fast.

As this is a non-competitive and reduced speed event, helmets are not permitted. The cars permitted on track must comply with Queensland road registered vehicles. Road-registered vehicles only, no trailered cars and no cars with aftermarket roll cages.

All vehicles entering the track must be currently road-registered and showing registration plates. 


Drivers at both Queensland Raceway and Lakeside are often breath tested by Queensland Police, anyone reading more than 0.00 will be banned from the track.

QR vehicles will be on the infield to observe track activity conditions.

QR will name and shame drivers who push the limits and cause a session to be cancelled.


A selected few clubs do run extended happy laps sessions at Queensland Raceway which have extra requirements due to the increased participant numbers.

Drivers who are attending Happy Laps sessions with Downshift, Torque Time, Hi-Octane and Street Factor only, will require a Racers Clubman Licence. The licence is required due to the increased risk of an accident occurring during these sessions and therefore Personal Accident Insurance must be covered. This licence can be pre-purchased online or applied for on the morning of their track session. It is recommended to pre-purchase online to ensure you receive the full amount of track time. 

Racers Licence Fee's:

  • Annual Clubman Licence $65
  • Single Event Clubman Licence $20