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Queensland Endurance Championship Winners Announced!

The Queensland Endurance Championship in it’s second year of running the Willowbank 300 and Lakeside 300, has found its winners!

Penultimate Round of GLT Hendrickson Qld Prodsports Championship at Ipswich Classic This Weekend

The 2017 season has been a hard fought battle and much of the field has been eroded with mechanical woes and accident repairs

How to get on track and into Motorsport

Queensland Raceways offers many opportunities for all experience levels when it comes to getting your first steps into motorsport.

QR Newsletter 19/10

Notta Grand Prix, 2018 Racing Calendar, Vale Stuart Paterson And All Asain Day!


Our 2018 racing season has now been finalised and we're happy today to be able to share the dates of our upcoming race meetings.


It was with heavy hearts that we learned of the passing of Stuart Paterson.

QR Newsletter 08/10

Notta Grand Prix, GT Falcons At The Ipswich Classic, Burnout Allstars And More!

QR Newsletter 28/09

Lakeside 300 This Weekend! Sprint Mania, Spring Drift Matsuri, Notta Grand Prix +!

QR Newsletter 14/09

QRDC Round 5 This Weekend! Lord Of The Lake, Lakeside 300 And More!

QR Newsletter 07/09

Historic Lakeside This Weekend! QR-FX News, QRDC Round 5 And More!

QR Newsletter 31/08

Father's Day Specials + All Aussie Father's Day! Historic Lakeside, Garages And More!

QR Newsletter 24/08

All Aussie Father's Day Next Weekend!! V8 Race Experience Specials, Sprints And More!

What happened last night at the Roll Racing?

What happened last night at the Roll Racing?

QR Newsletter 18/08

All Aussie Day Fast Approaching, Lord Of The Lake AndQR Sports & Sedans Up Next!

August is Super Saturday Sprint Deal Month!

August is Super Saturday Sprint Deal Month!

Just what is happening between QR & the Council?

Just what is happening between QR & the Council?

QR Newsletter 10/08

Lakeside Classic THIS Weekend! Lord Of The Lake, QR-FX. Roll Racing And More!

QR Newsletter 3/08

Lakeside Classic Next Weekend! Shannons Nationals, 1/8th Mile Drags and more!

Legends of Bathurst Head to the Lakeside Classic

The legends of the Heritage Touring Cars series will be let loose on the high-speed bends of Queensland Raceways Lakeside Park this 11th to the 13th of August

The Lakeside Classic, Bringing Folklore to Life

It’s a classic time of year, where Lakeside comes alive with Touring car goodness

QR Newsletter 27/07

Shannons Nationals At QR Next Weekend! Lakeside Classic, 1/8th Mile Drags And More!


Head to the Lakeside Park Facebook page to enter!

QR Newsletter 20/07

Race Through The Ages At Lakeside Classic! Roll Racing, Drifting And More!

QR Newsletter 13/07

Special Guests For Lakeside Classic! Sprints, Mopar Mayhem, Roll Racing And More

QR signs with Virgin Australia Supercars until 2020

Satisfactory terms for both parties were reached some weeks ago and the signing of the contract took place in the coffee lounge beside of the Supercars office

Star Studded Driver Line Up at the Lakeside Classic

​ Group N Historic Touring Cars will feature two very special guest drivers at the Lakeside Classic (12th-13th August)

QR Newsletter 29/06

QRDC Round 4 Next Weekend! Spring Drift Matsuri, All American And More!

Drift Matsuri Entry Opens this Saturday at 9am!

Get ready for entry for the biggest Matsuri event at QR!

Packed Schedule of action for QRDC Round 4

There’s a lot that can be said about the fourth round of QRDC at Queensland Raceway (July 8th-9th), like that it’s going to be massive

National Formula Ford Round to do battle at QRDC RD4

The Australian Formula Ford Series has a coveted history of producing motor racing stars

QR Newsletter 22/06

QR-FX This Sunday! Roll Racing Brisbane, Notta Grand Prix And More!

QR Newsletter 15/06

2 Days Of Thunder THIS WEEKEND! Notta Grand Prix, Drags, QR-FX And More!

Nissan Maddness at 2 Days of Thunder!

We're celebrating 50 years of Nissan in Australian in style!

QR Newsletter 08/06

2 Days Of Thunder Next Weekend! Sprints, Drags, QR-FX And More!

QRDC Round 3 - The Origin Showdown

Fresh off of QRDC 2, the third round of the championship (3rd-4th of June) heads back to Lakeside Park

QR Newsletter 25/05

Chrome Bar Bonanza THIS SUNDAY!! QRDC 3, Classic Bike, QR-FX And More!

QR Newsletter 18/05

QRDC Round 2 This Weekend! Classic Bike, Chrome Bar Bonanza, Notta Grand Prix And More!

Sports Racers to Sedans - a bit of everything at QRDC Rd 2!

The second round of QRDC will hit Queensland Raceway on the 19th to the 21st

QR Newsletter 11/05

Chrome Bar Bonanza next weekend! Powerplay, Notta Grand Prix and more!

QR Newsletter 4/05

Ipswich Festival this Weekend! Phil Brock's racing return and more


Phil Brock will be returning to grass roots motorsport at Queensland Race May 6 & 7 to race in the Queensland Touring Car Championship

QR Newsletter 27/04

1 Week Until Ipswich Festival Of Cars! Friday Night Drifts, Roll Racing And More!

Test of Endurance at the Ipswich Festival of Cars

Queensland Raceway’s first major racing event is on the 6th and 7th of May, the Ipswich Festival of Cars is going to be a massive weekend

QR Newsletter 21/04

Euro Day this Sunday! Jap Nats at QR! Ipswich Festival of Cars, QRDC and more!

QR Newsletter 13/04

Good Friday Night Drifts! Classic Bike Day, Euro Day and more!

QR Newsletter 6/04

Willowbank 300 coming up fast! Friday Night Drift, Sprints, Euro Day and more!

QR Newsletter 30/3

QRDC this weekend! Roll Racing, Sprints, Euro Day and more!

QR Newsletter 23/03

QRDC One Week Away! QRFX, Sprints, Notta Grand Prix And More!

QR Newsletter 17/03

BIG Weekend At QR! Lakeside Tribute & Drift Matsuri!

Seven of the Biggest and Fastest Categories in Queensland to Race at the Lakeside Tribute

Racing is back at Lakeside Park for the first time in 2017 on the 11th and 12th of March

QR Newsletter 9/03

March QuaRterly out now! Roll Racing, Lakeside Tribute and more!

March Edition of the QuaRterly out now!

Read all about Drift Matsuri, Production Touring, QTCC and more!

QR Newsletter 2/03

All Aussie Day this weekend! Rolling Racing, Weekend at Brocky's and more!

Participants are ready for the Notta Grand Prix

After some tinkering away and practice sessions at Lakeside participants are gearing up.

QR Newsletter 23/02

Vale Clem Smith, Open Sprints, Off Street Drags and more

February Edition of the QuaRterly out now!

Notta Grand Prix, Lakeside Tribute, TT Lakeside and more!

QR Newsletter 16/02

All Aussie Fair Dinkum Day new! Roll Racing, Off Street Drags, Sprints and more!

QR Newsletter 9/02

Powerplay This Weekend, More Sprints, RACERS Officials Training Day And More!

Hot Cars and Hot Wheels at Cruise Fest!

Cruise Fest will have some extra special on track entertainment from the Hot Wheels team!

QR Newsletter 31/01

HOT WHEELS at Cruise Fest, Sprints are back, Classic Bike and More!

QR Newsletter 27/01

Racers Update, Cruisefest, Sprints, Friday Night Drifts and more!

RACERS Increase Member Benefits

RACERS is growing and has increased benefits for all members

QR Newsletter 13/01

Lakeside TT Entries Open, Friday Night Drift, Gen Prac And More!

QR Newsletter 6/01

Cruisefest is coming again, Friday Night Drifts, Notta Grand Prix and more!