RACERS Increase Member Benefits

RACES Increase Member Benefits 
RACERS has upped the benefits associated with being a licensed holder by increasing many of the capital Insurance Benefits related to its Personal Accident Insurance.  Death Benefits have risen to $75,000 from $65,000 as well as increased weekly benefits.  The benefits are an essential aspect of providing the motorsport community with a high level of service.  
RACERS who lead the motorsport industry in becoming the first and only facilitating body to secure a three-year deal for Insurance continues to be proactive in providing the highest quality Insurance for motorsport activities.    
RACERS General Manager Laurie Mundt was jubilant with the new benefits. "RACERS has worked hard to provide the motorsport community with a large Insurance cover backed with clear risk management procedures eliminating much of the Red Tape around providing events.
Mr Mundt went on to say "With a three-year Insurance package in place, event providers can have confidence that their event will be secure for future years and allows them to plan past the typical year to year operations."
RACERS underwriters are the AAA rated Lloyds of London and QBE providing the $50 Million dollar Public Liability policy, a professional indemnity policy and a competitive adequate  Personal Accident policy. 
RACERS now has activities in every state of Australia as well as New Zealand and the USA with over 5,000 licenses holders. RACERS continues to be the fastest growing motorsport facilitator with events for Circuit, Drag, Recreational, Drifting and off road activities all being conducted. 
RACERS is recognised as a Sanctioning body by the SFI; the world's leading body on Motorsport Safety Standards and will continue to grow safe and affordable motorsport.  
The annual licence fees for 2017 are $65 for the standard Clubman licence, and $250 for the National Race Licence. Given that the Clubman Licence can used for drags, sprints, burnouts, happy laps, drifting, Roll Racing and many more activities, including dirt based activities, this is the best value licence you are able to buy.
The increased benefits began on January 1st.  
RACERS or its official title Recreational and Competitive Events Resources and Supplies Pty Ltd is much more than just an insurance provider for motorised activities. RACERS has extensive skills and experience in developing rules, risk management guidelines and codes of conducts which enables event providers to develop new products for their customers in a professional and safe manner. RACERS wants to see new types of motorised events that need new rule books and specific guidelines to make them a success. RACERS flexibility is that, as long as your event ticks the risk management boxes, it can happen.
If it has a motor, and they want to enjoy it, talk to RACERS to help you create the right activity for your friends, members and customers..