Participants are ready for the Notta Grand Prix

Notta Grand Prix is just a few weeks away and participants have been around testing their machines as they get ready for this awesome new event at Lakeside Park on the 25th of March.

As an affordable endurance event, Notta Grand Prix encourages everyone to get into recreational motoring - Ages from 12 upwards are all able to take part in Notta Grand Prix.

Participants have been tinkering away at general practice sessions at Lakeside to have their cars ready for saturday 25th of March.

Stuart Paterson is one such of these participants. Paterson is a seasoned competitor and his team is comprised of his two sons Craig, Dean, his grandson Mitchell, his son-inlaw Ian and his son’s business partner Jess. The 6 of them originally were preparing a Holden Barina, but the car was so good they registered it and Paterson gave it to his granddaughter. It seems everyone in the family is benefiting from Notta Grand Prix!

The team have now picked up a Hyundai Accent for $400 off a local seller and have fastidiously stored the receipt to prove to any questioning participant how little they’ve spent.

Paterson was incredibly tight lipped on his and the team’s tactics for the 6 hours of the Notta Grand Prix. Hopefully all their hard work has given them enough knowledge to keep them out of too much trouble and above the 70 second minimum lap time.

With a field of Holden Barinas, Hyundai Excels, BMW 320Is and Commodores, the Notta Grand Prix grid is shaping up to be fairly interesting!

March the 25th will be the first of four Notta Grand Prix events in 2017, with track time totalling 24hours across the year.

For more on the Notta Grand Prix, read up on all the regulations and requirements here -