A highly modified 2004 CV8 Monaro left the track on the entry to Turn 1 at very high
speed. The following information is only the observations made at the time and need to be
treated with some doubt until there are official reports from the QPS Forensic Crash Unit
and the Workplace Health and Safety investigations.

From observations and reports to my staff it would appear the car had a jammed throttle
and the brakes were unable to slow the car down before it left the track at Turn 1. Brake
lights were clearly seen and there are reports of the rotors glowing in the dark.

After leaving the track the car powered through to the back wall where it hit the Airfence
at an acute angle as the driver tried to get the car around the corner. The car then skidded
along the face of the concrete wall until it climbed up the wall and rolled over.

The car suffered significant damage to the roof and both sides. Both front and rear
number plates were undamaged which may be the reason the air bags did not deploy. The
car rolled back onto its wheels and a fire erupted from the engine compartment probably
from oil hitting the exhaust manifolds which quickly spread to the interior of the car.
Three paramedics were at the car within thirty seconds and both of the occupants were
extricated from the car with no burns injuries. The fire crew arrived shortly afterwards
and discharged 90 Kg of Powder and 18Kg of F500 liquid into the engine bay and the
interior of the vehicle. This occurred after the driver and passenger had been extricated.

This is not the place to surmise as to what caused their passing, other than to say the
impact was very severe.

All of the QR crew that were involved will receive counselling to assist them through this
horrible event in their lives. Likewise our hearts go out to the families and friends of the
two men involved – many of whom were at the track to watch the show. What they are
suffering today deserves everyone’s respect and condolences.

John Tetley
CEO ~ Qld Raceways