How to get on Track and into Motorsport


How to get on track and into Motorsport

Queensland Raceways offers many opportunities for all experience levels when it comes to getting your first steps into motorsport. From V8 Experience, which allows you to be in a car with an experienced race driver who is able to direct you on race lines, braking and circuit driving in general, to relaxed regularity events like Notta Grand Prix as well as timed experience-grouped events like Sprints.

I want to drive fast, where should I start?

If you’ve never been on a track before and need some tution, start with the V8 Experience. The Experience will help give you some confidence being out on track in a fitted out race car, you can get comfortable in the environment and learn the track with someone who can guide you the whole time. The event is untimed so it’s not a competitive environment and is just an introduction to track driving.

Alternatively, you can take your own road car or race car out on track at one of our venues. We do recommend if you have never been on track before that you start with Queensland Raceway. The track at Willowbank offers more run off and the layout provides a great way to get familiar with track driving.  If you want to get your own car on track for the first time, try out one of our Sprint events. The Ipswich Mid-Week Sprints group together drivers by their experience and car power so that you’ll be out on track with drivers who are doing similar times as you. Ipswich Street Sprints and Open Sprints are also available on weekends if you are unable to get to a mid-week event. You can also track your learning out on the circuit with timing. Once you’ve had a bit of experience at Queensland Raceway and are comfortable getting around the track, you can try and tackle Lakeside Park. Lakeside Park offers a totally different experience to the Ipswich track and though it can be daunting at first, plenty of competitors highly rate the circuit.

I just want to have fun out on track, what options are there for me?

There are plenty of events at Queensland Raceways for you to chose from if you just want to have a bit of fun without getting competitive. There’s drifting, roll racing, endurance regularities, drag racing and more.

Roll Racing Brisbane at Queensland Raceway is an awesome night out with a bit of high powered fun. Enjoy the atmosphere in the paddock of all the car fanatics, the exoctic cars that turn up and get out on track to either race your friends or just put your foot down. The event lines up participants around turn six, has them perform a rolling start and then participants are able to stretch their legs along the main straight. It’s an awesome night and participants are able to get multiple passes in during the night. There are eliminators later in the night where participants are able to go head to head with the fastest cars at the event, but before that it’s a free-for-all. Line up against mates, find someone in the paddock to take on, or just enjoy yourself. It’s a great way to go fast and have a bit of fun.

If you would rather get sideways and get a bit manic - Friday Night Drifts might just be the option for you. However, you might need a budget for tyres if you want to get in on the action. Drifting is a bit heavy on tyres, as evidenced by the plumes of tyre smoke around the track. If you don’t want to use up your tyres and want an introduction to drifting, you can always head out on the wet-skid pan that’s set up at Friday Night Drifts. The area is cordoned off and ready for you to let loose beside the track.

Friday Night Drifts are the only event on track where drifting is allowed, if you get sideways intentionally in any other event, organisers will pull you aside and give you a talking to. So if you wanted to throw your car around some of the corners and control it while the tyres are spinning, this is your opportunity to do so.

If you were looking for a team event where you can have a bit of fun at the track without getting too serious, Notta Grand Prix offers the chance to do just that. With a team of 6 drivers and a total of 6 hours to get through, the cheap car challenge is a unique event for Lakeside Park. Teams must stay above the 70 second lap time limit around Lakeside. So the goal of the event isn’t to go as fast as you can but to go as long as you can. It’s a great team building exercise for family, friends and workplaces.

I want to race! How do I get racing?  

To be able to race at one of Queensland Raceways meetings you will first need a bit of experience. Taking part in at least 5 Sprints is the minimum requirement to receive a National RACERS licences required to participate in race meetings.

If you have previous experience, or have held a race licence before the requirement doesn’t stand for you.

Now all you need is a car and a category to race in. The categories that come to Queensland Raceways meetings all have different requirements to meet and with this and it’s best to check with them their rules and regulations.

Here are a few of the regular categories that race at our meetings:

Queensland Touring Car Championship -

QLD Production Sports -

Classic Sports Sedans -

Superkarts -

Queensland Clubman and Sports Racers Championship -

Keema Excel Cup -

Queensland Raceways also runs the category QR Sports and Sedans that allows all cars no matter the specification to take part. If you have any questions about QR Sports and Sedans, please give us a call on 1800 Raceways and we’d be able to answer any questions you had about the series.

I have more questions, how do I get answers?

You are more than welcome to call us to find out which event is right for you on 1800 RACEIT, or email us on

Getting out on track and into motorsport at Queensland Raceways is easy and there’s an option for everyone.  Queensland Raceways offers a safe, friendly environment for all motorsport enthusiasts to be able to enjoy themselves!