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Next Notta Grand Prix is on the 21st of October!
The challenge put to teams is to last 6 hours around Lakeside in a reasonably priced car - it's certainly an experience. 

No Buy back rules, No nonsense, just find a car that you think will last Six hours with some mates. 

Just make sure you keep your lap times above 70 seconds, and you are all good!

Get a cheap car, get your mates together, and jump on board Notta Grand Prix

Burnout Allstar This Weekend
As dusk descends on Queensland Raceway, 65 of the world’s best and wildest pro class burnout drivers will rise up for a battle of epic proportions.

The combatants are modern day motorsport heroes worshipped by legions of fans worldwide. Their chariots are hauled by beasts with more than 70,000 collective horsepower. And they will conquer or fall in an unforgiving concrete coliseum.

This Saturday at Queensland Raceway will be one not to miss for Burnout Fans!
Ipswich Classic Will celebrate 50 years of GT Falcons. 
The 2017 Ipswich Classic on October 29th will have a fantastic racing line up to excite race fans.  With A production car 1 hour and Prod Sports, Classic Sports Sedans, QR Sports & Sedans, Formula Vee, HQ Holden’s, QTCC as well as a 200km Excel race to top it all off.  But now there even more to celebrate. 

It’s 50 years this year since Ford released the iconic GT Falcon and Queensland Raceway will celebrate this milestone at the Ipswich Classic.  Start dusting off your GT Falcons as will be releasing more details next week including a show & Shine and  cruise as well as special entry for GT Falcons. 
Sprints Spectacular at QR and Lakeside in October!
We have Sprints galore in October - that's 6 Sprints in total! After a whole month off, it's time to get back out on track

11/10 - Lakeside Mid-Week Sprint
14/10 - Ipswich Street Sprint
15/10 - Ipswich Open Sprint

Have a New Category Idea for 2018?
If you have a new category idea for 2018 now is the time to come forward.  This week QR will put the framework together for the 2018 events calendar and Categories will be select which events they will be doing for 2018.  

So if you have an idea for a new category drop us a line here  and start the ball rolling.  

Ipswich Classic     - Limited availability

We have had some garages open up for some race meetings but have very limited availability for those. Make sure you book in quick!

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