Track Attack Australia Excel Cup headlines QRDC3 at Lakeside Park.

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This weekend, at Lakeside, the Excels are back.

Eight races so far, six different winners, including the defending champion, Cam Wilson, who’s not had it all his own way so far in season 2018, but can anyone stop Brett Parish and Darren Whittington?
All these questions are soon to be answered.

Round 3 of the championship will be the second of three visits to Lakeside Park for the Track Attack Australia Cup in 2018, and as was the case in the opening round two months ago, extraordinary interest in this series results in the field racing in two groups for the duration of the weekend.

Last time out, there were four different winners – Scott Green, Daniel Peasey, Brett Parish and Cam Wilson – in as many races, in what was an enthralling weekend of racing at Queensland Raceway.

Now, they return north, to Lakeside, where Qualifying will be more critical than ever before.

As was the case in the opening round, the top qualifiers will contest the main race, with the bottom qualifiers relegated to the B-race, where they’ll fight for a place in the main contest across the rest of the weekend.

The relegation system will work both ways, with the lowest finishers in each main race bumped into the ‘B’ race for the next event, ie: The winner of the opening ‘B’ race will contest the second ‘A’ race, and so on.

The two-race system is in place due to track density restrictions at Lakeside Park.
Due to the tight schedule of this event – the third round of the Queensland Racing Drivers Championship – the ‘B’ races in Round 3 of the Track Attack Australia Excel Cup will be conducted at the same time as the T124 Italian Challenge races.

The low numbers in the Italian Challenge field enable the two categories to share the track, and run their races together for the duration of the weekend.

While most categories offer up a pretty predictable form guide, the Track Attack Australia Cup doesn’t, as any number of 8-10 drivers could be winning a race at some point this weekend.

Darren Whittington leads the championship, with his BPRO racing team-mate, Brett Parish, in pretty close pursuit, after claiming a convincing points win in the last round of the series at Queensland Raceway.

In good news, Liam Jensen, who had a nasty accident in the opening race of the previous round at Queensland Raceway, is entered for this round. Should he line up on the grid, it’ll be the first time the ‘Phillips Wilson Racing’ driver races at Lakeside Park.

The format for this weekend is a little different to the last time the series visited Lakeside Park.
Qualifying will be a 15-minute session for both groups.
For the main field, Races 1 and 3 will 10 laps, Race 2 will be 12 laps, and Race 4 will be a short, sharp 8-lap sprint.
For Group B, Race 1 will be 6 laps, and the remaining three races will be 8 laps.

Points After Round 2 of 8.
1st | Darren Whittington - 159
2nd | Brett Parish - 147
3rd | Scott Green - 135
4th | Cam Wilson - 129
5th | Daniel Peasey – 117