Game off? NO, just a postponement!

websiteimage_210730_074547.png#asset:6673COVID has done it again!

The Supercars will NOT be with us in Ipswich for August 21-23 as we have all been working towards. The latest series of lockdowns and extensions has put the kybosh on that effort; so we are now looking to re-group with Supercars for a date later in the year when, hopefully, we will be able to re-schedule the event.

Be assured QR and the Supercars delivery team are working together to provide the fans in SEQ with a memorable event. The actual date is dependent on matching the available QR dates and the Supercar calendar series dates in the coming months. Supercars have a herculean task ahead of them with this latest round of travel restrictions and deserve all the support that we at QR can give them.

As we said in our last message, give motorsport people a challenge and they will find a way to meet it, especially when it comes to keeping faith with their fan base.

We are still looking forward to seeing Supercars at the Paperclip in the near future – COVID or no COVID.


John Tetley