Game on for Supercars at Queensland Raceways in 2021


The Supercars will be with us in Ipswich in just a few weeks to spread their special
excitement around the Paperclip as they tear up our turns and swoop down our straights
like they have 21 times this century! But now it is with a whole new generation of drivers
and cars.

Preparations had already begun and the QR crew are already working lots of hours to get
things ready for Australia’s best loved home-grown racing category to return
Queensland’s premier championship circuit into a battleground on August 21st & 22nd
To meet the end August date is a major logistics exercise. Hundreds of tyres, tankerloads
of fuel, and all the rest of the paraphernalia that it takes to run these events; along with
the buildings, equipment, collateral, not to mention the huge catering component; all
have to run the gamut of interstate lockdowns.

As Australia’s busiest track, we also have to find time for the teams to shake down and
test their cars and pit skills before the big weekend. Unfortunately this means some of
our regular and loyal customers will be inconvenienced. We apologise in advance for any
and all disruption to their plans and arrangements and trust us that we will attempt to
make that up during the next few months.

We are working with the Supercars delivery team to provide their fans in SEQ with a
memorable event. There is a lot to do but, as always, give motorsport people a challenge
and they will find a way to meet it.

John Tetley

“The huge SEQ fanbase of the Supercars are the real winners – every one of them. QR
has the best viewing of the action; better than any other racetrack. Just remember to
bring your binoculars to get your own close-ups of the drivers working hard on the track
and the engineers doing their choreography in Pit Lane," said John Tetley.