Formula High School students bring their project cars to Lakeside Park in October

Sunshine-Beach-team.jpg#asset:6695October is a busy month for motor racing in Australia and while all eyes are on regional New South Wales, there are a group of students getting their first taste of it and developing their own aspirations at Lakeside Park.

North of Brisbane at the historic circuit, the Formula High School endurance event features approximately 30 teams competing over a six-hour race in vehicles they built themselves.
These are not your average ‘billy cart’ styled projects, these high school students have built race ready cars that then duel it out on track, with 10-15 drivers per entry.

Queensland Raceways has a longstanding relationship with the program, ever since its inception in 2014. Supporting Formula Student by providing Lakeside Park to these budding engineers for their projects and offering entry into the ‘Notta Grand Prix’ event run at the same circuit.

A foundation of the Queensland Raceways organisation and a principle of CEO John Tetley is keeping motorsport accessible to all, and programs such as Formula High School align perfectly with that – giving a younger generation a glimpse into the high-adrenaline fast paced world of motor racing and igniting a lifelong passion.

Wherever possible over the last seven years, Queensland Raceways has offered assistance to the program and made our facilities available for the students use.

The race at Lakeside Park is the culmination of the learning carried out by the students in their studies for a MEM20413 - Certificate II in Engineering Pathways with Formula Student (RTO 41124). This year’s event will see students competing from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast to Mackay, and as far west as Dalby and Warwick.

The program was developed by Greig Frankham from Formula Student to fill a gap in training that not only covered practical skills, but also prepared students for work by utilizing job cards in the learning, clocking on and off jobs, entering the components into “stock” once made and interacting in both small and large teams in the production phase of the build. All while instilling the values that learning isn’t as much of a chore if you are doing it while working towards relevant outcomes. And there is nothing quite as motivating as preparing your own race car.

When the program was looking for a place for the students to put their learning into practice, John Tetley offered Lakeside Park as a natural fit. With a passion for putting motorsport in front of new faces, John and Greig were very quickly able to formulate a relationship that saw Lakeside become the home of the Formula High School.

Formula High School was featured on Totally Wild several times,the first in the workshop documenting students building the cars. They then joined the program on track at Lakeside Park as the students put all their learning into practice.

Formula High School will be on track in 2021 on October 8th at Lakeside Park. Spectators are very welcome to check out the incredible effort these students have put into their projects over the last two years.