Queensland Raceway records biggest ever ride day at the weekend


Queensland Raceway played host to 170 riders on last Sunday’s Moto Ride Day, making it the largest ever ride day for the organisation.

While regularly at capacity for Moto Ride Days at Lakeside Park which, due to noise restrictions are slightly lower than what’s allowed at QR, the upper limits had previously yet to be reached at the Willowbank track.

That record came falling on the 29th of August. Riders were treated to beautiful weather for the day as well creating perfect track conditions to test themselves and their machines.

With only a few stoppages throughout the day, every one of those 170 riders were able to get the maximum out of their track time.


Even while the event stopped for lunch, a group of ‘Happy Lap’ riders took to the circuit at cruising speed and received an introduction to track riding.

Queensland Raceways’ Moto Ride Days have been going from strength-to-strength, with increasing popularity they can often be booked out for weeks in-advance. They offer something for all riders, from beginners to seasoned racers – the grouping system ensures that your experience of the day is tailored to your needs.

The induction group gives beginner track riders the confidence and skills capable of moving up the ladder, with instructors in the group helping riders to find their feet, advising and mentoring them throughout the day.

The next Moto Ride Day takes place at Lakeside Park on September 11th, while the next Queensland Raceway Moto Ride Day is September 26th.