We’ve all missed out again!


Needless to say, all the QR crew are very disappointed to advise the Supercars will not be coming to Queensland Raceway at the end of October. Like the original plan for the end of August, and despite all the efforts by both organisations, external factors have stymied both of us and denied the opportunity for Queensland fans to see their favourite teams giving the ‘Clip a Rip”.

Even our offer to provide Queensland Raceway and its facilities free of charge to make the numbers favourable for Supercars was just not enough to make the opportunity stack up against the costs of crossing the border.

This is the third occasion the time and effort invested by QR and Supercars did not bear fruit because of the border restrictions. This will not prevent Supercars and QR from working together to bring them back to the track that was specifically built for Supercar racing.

Motor sport brings more value to the community than any other sport in terms of lives saved, jobs provided, technology and skills developed, and it has the best green credentials of any sport too! This is why we will all continue to work through these obstacles and to provide excitement for thousands of people.

John Tetley
CEO ~ Qld Raceways