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Are you up for the Challenge? 

Experience the thrill of a lifetime driving a Holden or Ford V8 Race Car around the infamous Queensland Raceway in Willowbank!

Experiences Available

Experience the NEW MUSTANG!
6 Lap Mustang Race Experience - $369

9 Lap Mustang Experience - $539

3 Hot Lap Mustang Experience - $199

Drive a Ford or Holden!
6 Lap V8 Race Experience - $199

9 Lap V8 Race Experience - $299

6 laps + 3 Backseat Hot Laps - $298

9 laps + 3 Backseat Hot Laps - $398

In Car Video - For one session - $45

Your V8 race car drive day begins as you register at our reception prior to your pre-drive tuition. This will prepare you for driving a race prepared V8 race car with information on handling the car, cornering, braking and the track map. You are then ushered to pit lane and fitted with your own race suit and helmet.

Prior to your drive, you'll be asked whether you would prefer Ford or Holden to drive! You are then strapped in behind the wheel, introduced to your personal race driving instructor and off you go for your drive of a lifetime! Through an intercom system built into the helmets, your in-car coach will encourage you through your drive with advice on gear changes and brake points so that you can drive fast and safely. While not a race, there are no limits on speed and overtaking is common during this thrilling drive experience!

6 Lap Mustang Race Experience

Our brand new ECB Race Experience Mustang is the closest thing to a real Supercar. It's a purpose built "full chassis" race car with Supercar brakes, Dunlop Supersoft slick tyres, front splitter and rear wing, pedal box, Haltech ECU and dash, Supercar suspension inc full floater and 4 link rear end. With well over 500hp there is nothing like this experience in Australia.


  • 6 laps driving a Mustang Race Car with an instructor
  • Race suit and helmet supplied
  • Photograph and certificate of your experience
  • Driver briefing before hitting the track

6 Lap V8 Race Experience - $199

Our 6 lap package will give you the taste for more... By the time you come to the end of your session you won't want to get out of the drivers seat!


  • 6 laps driving a V8 race car with an instructor
  • Race suit and helmet supplied
  • Photograph and certificate of your experience
  • Driver briefing before hitting the track

9 Lap V8 Race Experience - $299

Our 9 lap ultimate package is a must for any budding race car driver, yourself included! You won't be able to control your adrenalin, your heart beat will be out of control and your palms will be sweating, all before you even get in the car!


  • 9 laps driving a V8 race car with an instructor
  • Race suit and helmet supplied
  • Photograph and certificate of your experience
  • Driver briefing before hitting the track



Relive the moment, take home the in-car video from any of your sessions for just $45! Available for purchase online or on the day of your experience.

V8 Race Experience Shirts are also available in the circuit office for purchase on the day of your experience for only $30! Sizes S - 3XL subject to availability.

Hot Laps - $99

For the ultimate experience, upgrade your drive with 3 hot laps with one of our professional drivers! These white-knuckle passenger laps in our 3 seater car will leave you breathless! You get three laps in the rear seat to see how a real race car is driven by an experienced racing driver. You'll be amazed!

The V8 experience went seamlessly. Organization for the day was top notch. Be prepared to go outside your comfort zone as the instructor in the car was able to get me around the track much faster by the end of the session.

- Brendan Hollis, September 2016

Unbelievable experience. The cars just 'stick' to the road no matter how hard you push, and the coach is motivating you to push even harder. I'll be back.

- Julie Pettingill, September 2016

Wow what a morning. Everything ran smoothly, pit crew very helpful and my coach was very clear with instructions. Just one problem....wasn't long enough. I was enjoying it so much i didn't want to stop. Totally worth it...

- Jeanette Coombs, June 2016

If you want further information on the V8 Race Experience, or would like to speak to us directly please contact our friendly staff. 

Email: v8xsales@qldraceways.com.au 

Phone: 1300 RACE IT


How do I buy a V8 Race Experience voucher?

You can purchase a voucher for our V8 Race Experience directly from our website, and have your voucher emailed within a few minutes. 

Can I use a credit card?

You are welcome to pay for your V8 Race Experience voucher with a credit card, as this is the quickest way for us to process your payment and send you your voucher. We accept MasterCard, Visa, or direct bank deposit. 

How do I book a day to drive?

Bookings are essential to participate in the V8 Race Experience. Our website lists the dates that are currently available for booking, so that you can pick a date that is suitable for you prior to contacting our office to make your booking. Dates are released around ten weeks in advance for booking.

How old do I have to be to drive a V8 Race Experience Car?

To be eligible to drive one of our V8 Race Experience Cars you need to hold a minimum of a current learner's licence. We recommend that you do not nominate to drive one of our vehicles unless you are confident in driving a manual car, as you need to be able to concentrate on what the in-car coach is saying to you during the experience, rather than worry about basic gear changes.

How old do I need to be to be a passenger in the V8 Race Experience Car?

There is no age requirement to participate as a passenger in one of our V8 Race Experience cars; however, the seatbelts need to fit snugly in order for you to be safely restrained throughout the experience. Anyone under 18 must be signed in by a parent/guardian with proof of guardianship. I.e a Medicare Card & photo ID. 

Are the cars real V8 Supercars?

The cars are not the same cars that you see in the V8 Supercars Series, but rather modified V8 Racecars. The interior of each car has been stripped and fitted with a roll cage and race seats and the vehicle runs on slick race tyres. They are totally different to the road cars that you would have experienced.

Can I take photos of myself with the car?

You and your family/friends are more than welcome to take photos of the cars whilst waiting for your experience; however, you are not able to take the camera in the car with you during the drive itself. You will have your photo taken in front of a car by one of our staff for your certificate which you will receive at the end of your experience.

Can I bring friends and family along with me to watch?

You are welcome to bring as many people along with you to watch your experience on the day as you would like, however, all spectators are required to observe the action from the designated viewpoints allocated by our staff.

What do I need to bring with me on the day?

On the day of your V8 Race Experience, you need to be sure to bring with you your voucher, drivers licence and soft, foot-hugging lace-up shoes. No voucher, no drive.

What do I need to wear?

We recommend that you wear a comfortable shirt and shorts for the experience, as we provide you with the drive suit for the day which you can wear over your clothes. Do NOT wear synthetic materials; cotton is recommended. If you have your own drive suit you are more than welcome to bring this with you to wear on the day.

Will I have to wear a crash helmet?

Regardless of whether you are participating in the V8 Race Experience as a driver or a passenger, you will need to wear one of our race helmets. We insist that you wear our helmets for the experience, as they are fitted with a radio that allows you to communicate easily with the experienced coach in the car with you.

I have a disability that prevents me from driving. Can I still enjoy the V8 Race Experience as a passenger?

Here at Queensland Raceway we will make every attempt to make it possible for you to participate in the V8 Race Experience both safely and comfortably despite disabilities, however, it is not always possible to cater to certain needs. It is best to contact our office on 1300 RACE IT if you think that your disability may affect your ability to participate in the experience.

Do I need to book in advance or can I just show up on the day?

Bookings are essential to participate in the V8 Race Experience. You can make your booking by contacting our office on 1300 RACE IT or via email at v8xsales@qldraceways.com.au

I am pretty big, will I be able to fit in the drivers seat?

Our cars are capable of catering to people up to 200cm in height and roughly 130kg in weight. If you are unsure whether you fit within these limits you can contact our office on 1300 RACE IT.

I have received a gift voucher for the V8 Race Experience but I don't want to use it. Can I receive a refund?

As our vouchers are also sold by several online agents, it depends on where the voucher was purchased from as to whether you can be refunded. However, if the voucher was purchased from our office, and can be returned in its original condition, we will be happy to give you a partial refund. (20% cancellation fee included)

I have booked a date for my V8 Race Experience however I am unable to make it. Can I change my booking?

More than 5 days prior to your booking date you are entitled to cancel or reschedule without penalty. Within 5 days of the booking date a $20 rescheduling fee will apply. Credits or reschedules are at Queensland Raceways discretion, and if given, must be used within 3 months of the event date.

How long before my voucher expires?

Gift Vouchers purchased directly from Queensland Raceways have an 3 year window to book a date for your experience. Vouchers purchased elsewhere will have different expiry dates so please contact the supplier to check or extend dates. Queensland Raceways offers you the opportunity to reschedule your date once, within our Terms and Conditions associated with changing a date. No further date changes or refunds can be issued.

Are the cars manual or automatic?

All of our V8 Race Experience cars are manual. We do have one automatic vehicle available on request. Must notify us when booking if needed. 

I have never driven a manual before. Would I still be able to drive a V8 Race Experience car?

If you are not able to drive a manual car confidently you will struggle driving our V8 Race Experience cars. You are more than welcome to participate in the experience as a passenger to one of our qualified instructors if you are not confident driving yourself.

Will there be an instructor in the car with me?

There will be an in-car coach in the vehicle with you at all times of the experience; regardless of whether you are participating as a driver or a passenger.

How early do I need to arrive on the day of my drive?

We ask that you arrive half an hour before your scheduled time for your experience. This allows us to take care of paperwork and formalities prior to your driver's briefing.

I have never driven on a race track before, will someone show me what to do?

You will attend a drivers briefing prior to your drive which will explain different aspects of the experience to you; such as race lines, the track layout and safety issues. You will then be accompanied by an in-car coach throughout the duration of the experience, who will assist you in achieving the most from your experience.

How many cars are on the track at the same time?

Several cars are on the track at the same time, which is why it is essential for you to follow the directions of your in-car coach to maintain the highest level of safety whilst driving around other cars on the track.

How fast will I be able to go?

As this is a racetrack we are not governed by the usual road rules, so you are welcome to go as fast as you can in our cars, however, for your own safety you are required to follow the instructions of your in-car coach on the day.

Can I race my mate with the V8 Race Experience cars?

Safety is our highest priority here at Queensland Raceway, which is the main reason you will not be permitted to 'race' your mates while participating in the V8 Race Experience. Starts are staggered, and lap times are not given out at the end of the experience.

Is there a kiosk to buy food and drinks while I'm at Queensland Raceway?

There is a kiosk at Queensland Raceway which is open every Race Experience day, and sells a variety of food and drinks.

What happens if it rains?

Unfortunately the weather is one aspect of your experience of which we have no control over. We will not make any decisions until the day of the experience in regards to weather, so if you are concerned you can call our office on 1300 RACE IT on the morning of your experience. If the event is cancelled we will contact you on the day to inform you.

I can't find an answer I'm looking for here, who do I contact for more information?

If you want further information on the V8 Race Experience or if you want to make a booking, you can contact us by email at v8xsales@qldraceways.com.au or by phone on 07 5461 9100